Brain Fog

Brain Fog

I took this photograph while waiting for the bus under the bus shelter. It reminds me of my current state of mind. I am experiencing brain fog much of the time since having the coronavirus.

When I am exhausted and at the point of crashing, I have severe difficulty thinking and concentrating. I have problems with words and constructing sentences. I have also noticed a small problem with my short term memory, but this is minor compared to everything else. I get very emotional when I am exhausted too.

Both my physical and mental energy gets drained very quickly and things take much longer to do, sometimes up to three times longer. It is very frustrating but extremely difficult too. It is causing me a lot of anxiety and distress. There are things I desperately want to do, but just can’t.

My life is not the same since having the coronavirus, and the thought of not fully recovering and having a chronic condition terrifies me.

They are discovering my symptoms are very common amongst Long Covid sufferers. Scientists are making the connection with neurological damage caused by the coronavirus to the symptoms. They don’t know how long it will last for, but they are seeing people who are getting better, so it’s hopeful. Here is a link to an article where people give an account of some their experiences with brain fog:

The Guardian: ‘Brain Fog’: The People Struggling to Think Clearly Months After Covid

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